D 1 G G Z   N E W S

For update info please check here or the D1GGZ Facebook. Click on the link above to go directly to the Facebook.

April 30th

All Street Stock sets have been added!!

April 26th

Bristol Pro Latemodel is here and ready for official racing!

April 24th

Knoxville Super Late is ready to go!! Check notes in game for adding fuel in the 50-75% set.

April 19th

Starting to add Late Model sets to the site. Once all are added all previous customers will receive the updated sets via email. If we have the set on the website and you have bought it and you need it asap please email here->  eddie@d1ggzbyd1rt.com with your order number and email used to purchase the setups.

April 11th

All of the Latemodel and Streetstock sets will be removed tonight due to the update coming tomorrow. We will be working hard to get the sets updated! Thanks for your patience.

March 29th

Updated UMP Mod sets are live! Gear preference is all over the place so try a gear change to suit your driving style. Customers that have already bought the UMP sets will receive the updates via email. Free of charge! Any questions or comments are welcome. The changes Iracing has made to the UMPs has made it hard to work with setting them up. Sorry for the delay!

May 3rd

Added more superlate sets. Pros are almost done as well!

May 24th

All sets have been updated. We will continue to get the updates to you!