At D1GGZ we don't make you commit to buying a setup pack. We don't offer season passes. No sales or specials. No  buy one get one free, we just offer setups that you can win with. The other guys offer a Qual...Heat and feature set. Or a tacky and slick set. We give you track usage sets. We offer 4 sets per track. If you struggle in the slick forget the low percentage set and get yourself a higher percentage set. We get into the details of Iracing setups. Fuel and gear changes already done for you. Load it up and go. These other companies  are rookies in dirt sim racing. D1RT Racing has been established since 2012. Other companies promote who builds their setups. If you buy from D1ggz you are getting setups built and raced by D1RT members. We don't need to name high profile Iracers to try to sell setups. The name speaks for itself !

Starting Monday the 14th we will be holding weekly test sessions at 9 est. We will have a locked server for customers only. The sessions will be held by Dylan Wilson or Blake Matjoulis or possibly both. We also added a review tab on the left side of each page. Tell us what you think!!